About Me

Reflection. Intuition. Awakening of You, my wonderful Goddess….

Heather A. Amara once said, “Allow the fires of transformation to burn away all that doesn’t serve you.” I want you to close your eyes just for a moment and think about this. It is so true, isn’t it? SO many times, we women lose our path as we let the things just pile up. Unnecessary
things. Invisible shields, which just don’t serve us anymore. And how times in the last year have you asked yourself: Is this all there is to it?...

I BELIEVE in your strength; your UNDENIABLE power which you hold deep inside your sacred core.

I believe in your beautiful nature and everlasting intuition inside you.

This is WHY I have dedicated my life to helping women, just like you, ignite their own sensual transformation, surrender to their inner intensity and MAGICALLY create that SOULFUL life.

I have spent over 20 years working with women and studying all types of modalities. Once I found the path of womb awakening and healing, stepping into the path of womb shamanism as a womb priestess was something that I knew was my calling…

I feel energies; I feel souls…and I love helping you transform your life for the better.

We are ALL unique. This is why my personal coaching is both sacred and intuitive, created PERSONALLY for you.

I will help you AWAKEN your whole body and soul as we work through In-body-ment practices, dance, Reiki, Energy Work, Intuitive reading, shamanic journeying, and dreaming, so that you can naturally remove INVISIBLE walls which are holding you back in this very moment.

Your sacred sexuality and your womb hold the KEY to your whole being. Unleash that ENERGY and LOVE your whole body just like were born to…


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