The Pleasure Principle, Part Two: Creativity, Pleasure, and Taking Up Our Space

Uncategorized May 30, 2018


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Creativity, Pleasure and Taking Up Our Space

Sharing the ways that we allow ourselves to feel pleasure in day-to-day life is empowering for women. Our sharing spaces are sacred. When we are vulnerable, when we’re just not feeling really awesome or sexy but we want to, it’s important to find what brings us pleasure and then share our experiences with other women.

Creativity and the Pleasure Principle

It’s not all about just being sexy, either. Sometimes it’s about reclaiming our divine power to be creative.

One of my clients is 67. It had been so long since she allowed herself to feel beautiful or sexy or awesome, she just decided that was an area that she wasn’t good at and didn’t care about.

She really lived a long period of life just thinking that stuff didn’t matter to her, but what DID matter was art and creativity, and she began to feel parched. She came to me because her creative juice...

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Syncing with the Moon and Sun

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Photo by Romain Robe

Hello Shamanista Queens! There’s a full moon tonight, and I wanted to share some quick thoughts about the benefits of syncing with the moon and the sun and some how-to ideas to get you started.

Benefits, history and why syncing with the sun and moon makes a difference

Thousands of years ago and maybe even as or as soon as pre-electricity, we were more in alignment with what’s going on with our moon and sun. A lot of that had to do with it getting dark at night and being sunny in the daytime.

 Most women would either ovulate when the moon was full, just like the earth is the most fertile when the moon is full, and then bleed with the dark moon. Other women were opposite and bled with the full moon, but the rhythms were pretty consistent for most women.

Now that we have all of this artificial light, which is fantastic. We get to stay up at night and read our books and get all of this great...

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The Pleasure Principle, Part One: Simple Pleasures

Uncategorized May 30, 2018

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The Power of Simple Pleasures

Hello, beautiful ladies! I’m inspired to talk to you about pleasure, and about amping up the pleasure in your life.

Learning to source and generate pleasure in our life is truly one of our secret powers. It wasn’t until I started welcoming beauty and creativity and ease and pleasure and the feminine parts of myself back that I realized how nourishing that is for my soul.

The reason I’m inspired to share that with you today is tonight we’re going to see Sophie Tucker in concert here in Dallas. Her music is just so sexy and sensual, and I can just feel her diva-ness as I’m listening. I’m really excited to go! As I’m thinking about it, I’m enjoying the feelings in my body, the sensuality flowing and flirtation flowing in my world.

So I’m going to share some tips with you to help you find pleasure today, too. 

The first tip is to have a Sophie Tucker moment.

Do you...

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Three Easy Life Hacks

Uncategorized May 30, 2018
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Hydrate, Feel Grateful, and Get Some Sun

Good morning, beautiful people! I wanted to share three quick amazing life hacks and also tell you that you are loved and supported.

I have these beautiful new sunglasses that a beautiful client gave to me. When she gave me these glasses she said the universe wants you to know that you are loved and supported.

So now I’m passing that same message on to you. You are absolutely loved and supported. Take that in. As I’m telling you now that you are loved and supported, drink it in like something that’s true and just choose to absorb that thought. Then for the rest of today look for evidence that you are loved and you are supported, and you’ll be blown away.

Put your hand on your heart and receive it in when you do see it. You could even write it down to take it to another level. When you do that, your brain starts to see it more and more. The more you choose to see something in your...

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Blending, Part Two: Climbing Out of Darkness

Uncategorized May 30, 2018

Photo by Andreas Fidler

Climbing Out of Darkness

We chatted in a previous blog post about the dangers of blending, and how if you’re not careful, it can cost you your soul. Today I’d like to talk about a few ways to pull yourself back up when you’ve been shut down for a long time.

When you’re in that dark place, when you feel like you’ve lost yourself and don’t know who you are anymore, it’s okay. You can climb out of it, and there are a lot of ways to do that. You’ll find a lot of techniques to help and friends to back you up.

The most important thing you can do is to stand in your truth.

By standing in my truth, by standing in my radiance, by claiming my power, by claiming the opportunity to take up space and be who I am, I bring light back into my own life. Those who like me and get who I am will be drawn to me, and I’ll be lit and alive. That’s the example that everybody needs.

As part of that, we need to know...

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Avoid the dangers of blending

Photo by Photos by Lanty 

Don’t lose yourself in the crowd

Today I’m addressing a heavy topic, and I’m hoping that by sharing these words some of you will find some extra strength to pull yourself out of tough situations.

Here’s the question I want to ask you: Have you ever considered what it costs you when you choose to blend?

We all do it. There are times in life when fitting in with a certain crowd or being accepted by that special someone means we’ll do almost anything to blend in, and we don’t always see the cost.

During a recent conversation with a couple of girlfriends, one of them brought up how the girls at her daughter’s school always dress like each other. They wear the exact same shirt the exact same clothes. I remember that happening when I was younger. Certain brands would come up, and everyone would wear the same thing in different colors.

Wearing similar clothing is an obvious way to try to blend in, but subtle to...

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energy May 25, 2018

Own your energetic space

Let’s talk about how you can move stagnant energy to create a safe, energetic, happy environment around you no matter where you are!

Some of you may have made the same mistake I’ve made a few times: you’ve walked into a room, felt the energy of the room, recognized it as bleh, and then allowed yourself to be hooked into that energy. When you allow that negative energy to affect you, it can flip your mood upside down.

That doesn’t have to happen. Ultimately, we carry our minds, our energy and our attitudes around with us in our own little universe.  If we can get at the center of that, if we can be in control of our energy and environment, then we’re not impacted by the negative energy of others.

Here’s an example: Imagine you’re on your way to a vacation and you get stuck in traffic. If the people in front of you are playing around on their phones, not paying attention when the light turns green, you’d...

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Is this one simple thing keeping you from living your life’s purpose?

Uncategorized May 15, 2018

Let’s talk about the extra shizz in your house that you are holding onto but are not using!

Imagine for a moment that things like unused clothes, purses, knick-knacks, bags, are little people. Pretend they’re little beings that are born with a purpose. In reality,  these items were created by They’re meant to be worn, to be out in the world shining bright.

When those things, those little people, are stuffed in your closet and abandoned, then you energetically represent a person who keeps purpose hidden.

I’m talking energetically, so you’ve got to follow me with this metaphor.

Whenever we’re just storing our items, we’re holding up energy. We’re keeping purpose from flowing.

Do you get what I’m saying?


You probably have a friend or a sister that admires your style and would love those extra things, right?

Somewhere, someone would love that handbag. They would love to rock those jeans that are a little too small for...

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