When You Emerge and Rise in Truth

Uncategorized Sep 03, 2018

One reason why some people don’t emerge, rise and stand in their own truth is because it’s scary. There’s a social danger when you own your own truth, when you stand in your divinity and you follow your dreams and your heart.

Here’s the thing: not everybody’s going to come with you on your journey. Not everyone is going to want to see you in your power.

There are a lot of reasons for that. Sometimes it’s just intimidating to people. Sometimes they feel uncomfortable, and sometimes they won’t like you as much. This can be true especially if they’re used to you being people-pleasing and subservient. When you actually assert your opinions, certain people in your life might lose their sense of control over you, and you might not seem as desirable to them.


If a relationship isn’t going to support you as you grow, it might be time for your path to part from theirs. It’s not like there’s always a right or a wrong, either. Sometimes, when you start to really own what you love and stop going with the flow, it just means your calling is on another path.

I once heard someone say ‘If you’re a giraffe, don’t be mad that the turtle doesn’t see what you see.’ We can take the same perspective when we allow ourselves to progress and grow. We don’t need to be upset.

True, parting from other people is tough. People-pleasing sucks, and it’s challenging when people start to treat you differently because you’re changing up the roles they’re used to seeing you in.  What I want you to know is that it’s okay—even when it hurts, even when you don’t understand and even when you go through a grieving process because of it.

Here’s the thing: you might lose people who are resisting the change, not believing in you and not wanting you to move into your dreams—but YOU WILL GAIN PEOPLE, TOO.

Because like attracts like, you’ll start attracting people with your perspective, your love, and your understanding. This can happen quickly if you keep your heart open and trust that there’s a tribe out there for you.


This life that you have is your sovereign property. Oftentimes we’re not occupying this space as sovereign land. Oftentimes we’re allowing our fear of what other people may do, or how they may perceive us or whether they’ll still love us to dictate whether or not we’re living our lives fully.

When we live in that fear, we put things off. We say things like ‘one day when I’m successful I’m going to do this,’ or ‘when I’m financially free then I’m going to take some rest and meditate and then travel.’

That one day never comes. All you have is right now. This is your chance. You have to trust yourself. It’s so much better than staying in a constricted box of fear and shame and regret just to play it safe. While you’ll want to use wisdom in how you move forward, you don’t have to live in boxes of shame and fear just because you’ve always lived there before.

As you move forward, sometimes it will feel like life is just coming at you and hard things are happening TO you, but I want to remind you that they’re actually happening FOR you. As yourself—how is this challenge happening FOR me right now? Even if you’re losing people in your life, how is it going to change your life for a higher and greater good?

There’s one more thing you should know. Although you might lose a few people, you won’t lose everyone. I’m on this journey with you, and so are lots of other people—so please own your life. Please take up your space. We need more people free, fully-expressed, people who are happy, who give to the world.

Always be ready to write a new chapter for yourself. If you need help, you can always book a call with me.

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