Uncategorized Aug 11, 2018

Photo by Simon Maage

I’ve been thinking about what a gift it is for me to live into the archetype of the wild woman. The wild woman comes with a lot of gifts—and some threats. I want to share three of the gifts the wild woman brings to the world here.

The first gift of the wild woman is desire.

A wild woman is living her desire. She allows herself to be desired, she allows desire to come from her, she allows herself to desire. The wild woman is someone who creates a space of desire in general. If you live long enough, you will know that actually desiring something, especially in these times and places where we can manifest our desires pretty easily, is a blessed state. Desire itself is luscious. It is a phenomenal frequency, an energy wavelength that is life-giving when it runs through your body.

The second gift of the wild woman is inspiration. Inspire means being ‘in spirit.’ When you have a clear desire, when we allow our desires to flow through us, we have inspiration, right?

It doesn’t matter if you desire a date with that hot sexy smart person, or a fling, or a new car, or a better job. When we allow ourselves to think about a vacation we want or a coat or a handbag or a lover or anything we want, whatever it is, then inspiration starts flowing.

We get inspired to take action.

Inspired action is different from other actions. Inspired action happens when we are connected to spirit and source. When we are inspired, we’re not just powering through our daily actions with the sheer force of willpower. With inspired action, you are lit up from within. You are connected to an energy source that allows you to create.

And that brings us to the third gift of the wild woman: production.

Once you have that frequency, that hunger or thirst to experience something and it inspires you, you begin to want to create the fulfillment of that desire in your world. The inspired thoughts, the creative thoughts, the motivation to take action bring you to actual production. You’ll produce results based around the desires you’re focused on.  Essentially, you’ll be combining your masculine and feminine energies to bring about the desires of your heart, and you’ll have fun doing it.

Are you a wild woman? What’s your archetype? No matter what type of life you live, you can create desire, inspiration and inspired action in your life and enjoy living to the fullest.

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