Manifesting should be FREAKIN' EASY!

Uncategorized Sep 09, 2018

Photo by Diego PH 

Manifesting should be freakin’ EASY—and it can be!

Let me tell you two secrets.

Secret Number One: when you are in gratitude in your heart, when you are present to what you already have and how blissfully blessed you are, you are in the receiving mode of EVERYTHING ELSE YOU WANT.

This is counter to what most people believe. Most people believe if they’re satisfied with their relationships or their jobs or whatever else, they’ll never get what they really want. They think that being grateful is the same thing as being complacent.

You can hold the space for both grateful living and ambitious living. When you’re there, when you have satisfaction and gratitude and you’re striving for even more in life, YOU ARE IN RECEIVING MODE. When you’re like this, you’re feeling grateful, satisfied, full of appreciation, you’re present in the current moment, and you’re non-resistant to the miracles flowing into your life.

Here’s what’s NOT receiving mode:

Being pissed off, angry, frustrated, bored, complacent, worried, or all of those kinds of things. Yes, you’ll receive—but you won’t receive what you want. While it’s okay to have moments when you’re not happy, try to keep those feelings away from you as much as possible. As far as emotions go, you’ll receive more of what you’ve already got, so try to stay grateful and appreciative!

And now for Secret Number Two: If you want to attract a certain type of person into your life, you’ve got to diversify your emotional equity.

Here’s what that means: anytime you start crushing hard on a person—a spouse, a lover, even a friend crush or an ideal job—try to not put that crush on a pedestal. When you do, you start to lose the fact that YOU’RE THE SOURCE THAT DREW THIS INTO YOUR ENVIRONMENT. Keep things in perspective.

It’s not about the crush. IT’S ABOUT YOU.  

If you allow that one crush to dominate your mind and emotions, then you set yourself up to believe that the crush is the one thing that your happiness, connection, and leveling up depend on. When that happens, you’re no longer aligned with the truth of who you are as the source.

Imagine you have a certain ideal that you want to be. You want to be loving, you want to be happy, you want to enjoy your life. Instead of look at the lack of these things in your life, stay in your heart space and allow yourself to feel how you want to feel overall: connected, happy, joyful, blissful. Then you can allow the source to show up for you however it shows up for you, instead of putting all your eggs in one basket.

This throws the doors to manifesting WIDE OPEN, BABY!

It’s really about being able to feel all of those things you want to feel coming at you from every direction and every part of life. This keeps your vibrational energy high and manifestation flowing!

Staying open to receiving those emotional needs however the universe presents them to you is the challenge. For example, if it’s a significant love connection you want, be open to receiving it from your partner one minute, from your child then next, and then maybe from your dog or cat. Sometimes that love connection can be as simple as feeling the grass under your feet and knowing that you’re connected to Mother Earth.

Allow the spirit to animate and give your desires to you from as many sources as you can receive from, so that you can stay in that happy, fulfilled, satisfied zone.

That’s how you get into—and stay in—the receiving mode.

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