Be Celebrated!

Uncategorized Aug 04, 2018

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez 

When was the last time someone celebrated you? Was it on an anniversary? A birthday?

Were you celebrated yesterday?

I'm bringing this up because too many of us settle for relationships and friendships that aren't as nourishing as we need them to be. 

I love this quote: "Go where you are celebrated, not tolerated."

We live in a time when it’s easier than ever to find your tribe. If you feel drained because of relationships that aren't nourishing you, try to change things up.

  • You can go to a meetup group
  • You can join social media groups with people who have the same interests
  • See what's going on culturally in your area and attend events that interest you. You never know who you might meet.
  • You can go out of your comfort zone to get to know someone new and intriguing who just might be the freakin' awesome friend you've been wanting in your life. 
  • When you're in a social situation and you find people who resonate with you, spend more time with those people.

You deserve to be with people who get your vibe and get your voice. Spending time with people who love you and celebrate you is fun, it's nourishing and it's life-enhancing. 

On that note, be someone who celebrates other people rather than tolerating other people. 

I have a wise friend who kept getting annoyed with someone in her life. Although she tried hard to stay friends with this other person, she kept having feelings that were judgmental and unkind. One day she realized she was the toxic person in that relationship. Because she couldn’t find ways to celebrate that person in her life, she let that friendship go, and they were both happier because of it.

I do recommend trying to celebrate everyone in your life. It’s a fun, fun thing and you’ll find people celebrating you back in ways you can’t imagine.

However, if you find yourself tolerating someone and you just can’t find ways to celebrate them, remove yourself from their lives as much as you can. I know we can’t just walk away from everyone, but we can spend less time with them.

We can also make more personal time for people we naturally celebrate.

Today, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you surrounded by people who celebrate you?
  • Do you celebrate the people in your life?

Take a new first-step today toward celebrating others and finding people who celebrate you. Love yourself up by finding your bliss tribe!

Today I celebrate you living your truth, loving your live, owning your beauty, your radiance, your power, your magnificence!

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