Are you evolving today?

Uncategorized Oct 16, 2018

Are you evolving today?

If we’re paying attention, we can feel the effects of universal energy as it shifts. It impacts our thoughts, our moods, and even our desires.

Recently we went through a shift where one day, everything was fine and then the next day, many of us wanted to change something in our lives completely.

It was disruptive, but it was also necessary. We need these events to help us evolve and raise our standards.

So what do you do when universal energies are shifting and causing you to feel some discontent with yourself, your life and your world?

First of all, just recognize that you’re starting to rise, you’re starting to ascend and you’re being called to let go of the old. This could affect anything from the way that you’re eating to how you’re working out to who you’re hanging out with to the kind of music and movies that you’re watching.

Here’s a quick formula for relaxing through these tough shifts:

  • Pay attention to the way energy feels around you and notice when something is not jiving with you or serving you anymore
  • Sit with that feeling. Ask yourself what it is that you’re craving and what your soul is trying to ascend toward.
  • Try to appreciate and move away from whatever your old space was with love. Don’t vilify it—thank it for the lessons you’ve learned and release it with joy.

The hard part comes next. You’ve got to sit in that space between what was and what you’re coming to. Just wait for the answers, go about life as usual and write down the inspiration as it comes. When it does, it’s kind of like a rebirth. You kind of need to just let it wash over you and sink in.

Ultimately, changes in universal energy is about receiving in the new codes, the new transmissions, the new inspirations and then letting them integrate. Give yourself some time, and don’t be in a rush to get up and make something else happen. This is a beautiful process, so take the time to savor it.

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