A Quick Mantra Meditation--Because YOU ARE DIVINE

Uncategorized Sep 23, 2018

Photo by Ashton Mullins 

Did you know YOU ARE ON PURPOSE?

You are you are divinely guided because you are divine. You have meaning. You are beautiful, magnificent, and lovely.

To help you claim this knowledge for yourself today, please join me in this quick mantra meditation full of divine affirmations and energetic downloads to help you connect to your wisdom, truth and personal beauty.

  • I now open my heart and my being to work with the Divine Creator.
  • I accept in every cell of my body my goodness and god-ness and the love that I Am.
  • As I go into the world today, every cell in my body is open to receive the love that is all around me from creation itself.
  • I am tapped into my deepest truth, my deepest calling and my deepest wisdom.
  • I am freakin’ magnetic, beautiful, glorious, brilliant, and smart!
  • I trust my intuition.
  • I am grounded in my truth and I am grounded in the calling that I am here for.
  • Everywhere that I go, I attract people that are good for me and I give out my wisdom and my beauty.
  • I now speak to my cells and I unleash the inner genius, the inner magic that I Am.
  • I own my voice and I allow everything that would hold me back or that is not in alignment with my highest and greatest good to be released into the universe for recycling.
  • I am loved. I belong here. I am truth.
  • I am lush, I am goodness.
  • I am beauty, and I am power.

Connect to these feelings right now and allow that frequency to stay with you all day. It is the truth of who you are. Everything else is just a lie meant to hold you back or destroy you. Release those lies with love and thank them for their part in your life.

Recognize your Divine Attributes, tell yourself you are a queen, and claim your power and your queendom today!

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