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My name is Adora Crystal Evans

Adora Crystal Evans is a highly sought-after elite connector and producer with a passion for creating strategic partnerships and helping others to achieve their goals. With her talent for collaboration and alliance-building, Adora has earned a reputation as a trusted advisor and strategic partner for entrepreneurs and business owners alike. As a producer, Adora has a track record of success, having created a number of successful events, both in-person and virtual. She is skilled at bringing people together and facilitating collaborations that drive meaningful impact. Adora's keen understanding of collaboration and creating environments where people can go faster in collaboration makes her the go-to hired wing gal for some of the best leaders in their field. Adora has co-produced Destination Diva's TV Show on WE Network and soon to be travel channel, The Can You Really Think and Grow Rich Tour with the Napoleon Hill Foundation, and several events with Denis Waitley, Les Brown, Bob Proctor, and other thought leaders. Her talent for strategic partnerships and alliance-building has earned her a reputation as a go-to person for those seeking to create mutually beneficial relationships. In addition to her professional work, Adora is a vocal advocate for women and children. She is involved with various charitable organizations and is committed to making a positive impact in the world. In her current role, Adora serves as the Experience Officer with Project Uprise, an organization that donates 100% of its profits to end child trafficking in the USA. Through her work with Project Uprise, Adora creates impactful experiences for entrepreneurs and business owners, providing resources and mentorship to help them grow and succeed. Her work with Project Uprise is just one example of her dedication to creating positive change in the world.

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